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  • How To Pick Your Username For Transformers Universe
  • Player Guide Description:

    This is a really simple player guide to help players pick usernames for both the Autobot and the Decepticon Race! Watch the video or follow are step by step instructions below.

  • Video Guide

    Step by Step Instruction

    Step 1. Head over to the Transformers Universe Website and register for the website via the signup button in the top right corner.

    Step 2. Once you have completed the signup form you’ll need to validate your account by checking your emails. Dont forget to check your spam folder!

    Step 3. Once your account has been validated you can then login to the TFU website, via the login link in the top right corner.

    Step 4. You can now create your username for the first Transformer Race. Once you’ve picked your username you’ll just need to confirm it by following the on-screen instructions.

    Step 5. Now to set the username for the other Transformer Race, simply hover over your name in the top right hand corner.

    Step 6. Click on the link that says “switch sides to the …..”. Clicking this for the first time will allow you to choose your username for the opposite race.

    Step 7. Switching back is really simple, just click on the “switch sides to the …..” link again.

  • This guide was written by Matti, the video was recored by Matti.

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