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Last weekend TFUHQ’s Matti was invited to Jagex to help celebrate the launch of Open Beta! The weekend saw over 40,000 new signups to the game during a 24 Hour Live Stream! Taking over...

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With the launch of the Transformers Universe Open Beta coming this Friday, Matti from TFUHQ will be travelling up to the Transformers Universe Game Studio, to meet the developers, and take part in a...

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This is it folks. The moment you have all been waiting for. Transformers Universe are opening the gates to the game! The Open Beta starts this Friday the 4th of July. It’s D-Day (literally)....

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Today via Twitter Transformers Universe unveiled that the Closed Beta NDA (non disclosure act) has been removed. This pretty much stopped any beta users from sharing / capturing pictures or videos whilst logged into...

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Every Tuesday Jagex and the TU team host a Live Stream from the game. Showing off new advancements and even some tips/tricks/hints on how to up your game! This week the Transformers Universe team...

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Greetings commanders! As you are all logging into the Closed Beta of Transformers Universe we’d love for you to join us on the forums to discuss your strategies and game-play experiences! With lots of...

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