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Transformers Universe is the new massively online tactical action game coming summer 2014. This is the latest gameplay trailer revealed by Jagex on the upcoming game. Players become there all time Transformer Robot and...

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#TestYourMetal Jagex has been hard at work and very silent recently with updates. But in the past few weeks, a feeling of terror has spread across the internet as Jagex finally posted the latest...

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You may or may not know, but Transformers: Age of Extinction, is the next movie in line for the Transformers series, and a few days ago the official trailer was released. With a new cast,...

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Yesterday sparks the new darn for Transformers Universe as the website receives a complete makeover. Everything has been re-designed to the modern era including parallax effects, good use of jQuery and custom web fonts!...

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After a hot summer weekend, and still no sign of the forums coming online we felt we’d let our users know that we have not heard of or seen any signs or reasoning as...

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If you’ve not visited the enlist page of Transformers Universe recently you may not have see what we are about to show you! These new Transformers Universe Concept Arts will blow you away. This...

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